The Girl FuckToy’s Exercise Machine

The Boy FuckToy has become the Girl FuckToy’s new exercise machine.

Mornings are legs and abdomen. She starts out with climbing on top of the Boy FuckToy and riding his cock. Her legs get a workout especially with her bouncing up and down on top of him. Next up is a good rough strapon session for an hour or so. She does different positions exercising her abdomen and legs.

Evenings are upper body with good hard deep fisting sessions. When the Boy FuckToy starts going into convulsions and pushing back gives her an increase in pressure to push against for her upper body work.

The Boy FuckToy is enjoying his new role as an exercise machine.


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  1. an update to the Exercise Machine

    We are discovering that while I can take getting fucked with the strapon for a couple of hours, and I can take getting deep fisted for 30 min to an hour, doing both in the same day, day after day is not feasible. We are going to try with an alternating exercise schedule of one day is strapon, the next day is fisting.

    This morning was first oral pleasures for her, then a good fucking for her. That was followed up by her fisting me for about 45 minutes until she milked me.

    Milking usually happens when she uses her closed fist to go completely into me to the elbow, then pulls all of the way out and then goes back in again. My body starts to contract and then she pushes into me and pushes her knuckles up against my prostate squeezing the cum out of me.

    You can view our pictures and videos to support my claim of my ability to take this. 😉

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