The Girl FuckToy Under Water

We have a Nikonos V under water camera that we like to play with. Here is a set of the Girl FuckToy under water


Chained Up Under Water

The Girl FuckToy chained up the Boy FuckToy and put him in the pool, chaining him down underwater.


FuckToys Fisting Orgasm Video

In this Video, The Girl FuckToy rides the Boy FuckToy’s face and he licks her to an orgasm while her fist is buried deep into his ass to her elbow.

See the Video Here


Lucia and Rebel go to the Coffee Shop

We were out doing a public Fetish shoot and the girls wanted to go get coffee

Watch The video here


FuckToy Chained Up in the Back Yard

The weather is finally getting nice out, so while the Girl FuckToy was out tanning nude, she had the Boy FuckToy chained up so he could get a little bit of sun also.


Fetish Photographer

The Girl FuckToy is taking pictures of Penny Lick who is dressed up in a new latex dress that she made herself