Putting Caelyx to Bed

After a hard day of going swimming then getting chained up in the yard, it is time to put Caelyx to bed.



After spending the morning chained up in the basement, It is decided the the Boy FuckToy should get some sun. First he gets chained up under the porch, then he is discarded out in the yard for the afternoon.



The Girl FuckToy Under Water

We have a Nikonos V under water camera that we like to play with. Here is a set of the Girl FuckToy under water


Caelyx Chained up in the Yard

Caelyx came over to do a fetish photoshoot and ended up chained down out in the back yard



Cloud in my Basement

Cloud is a model I used to work with a lot. This is our last shoot together before she moved away.


Tegan Mohr at Bed Time

I introduced Tegan to Latex, and now she loves it. What better way to enjoy latex than chained down in a bed made up with latex sheets and covers for the night.