Lucia Fucks the Bondage Toy with the Big Red Strapon

In this video, Mistress Lucia is all decked out in latex. She has the bondage toy bound in a rubber straightjacket and bent over a fucking stand. She dons the big red strapon and fucks the bondage toy with it hard.

Here is a little preview for you
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Cloud and Mindy

This was the first Fetish shoot I did with a digital camera back in 2003.
Mindy wanted to shoot with me. Cloud was my Photography assistant at the time.
We had fun and I got Cloud in on the shoot as the top.


Special Agent Sarah

Sarah wanted to dress up as a “Special Agent” So we put her in a latex catsuit, leather corset and sent her out with a SIG P220 and a H&K USP.45


Tegan Mohr in a Blue Catsuit

Tegan came over and we decided to shoot with the blue latex catsuit and a stormy leather corset for fun.


Lucia and Rebel go to the Coffee Shop

We were out doing a public Fetish shoot and the girls wanted to go get coffee

Watch The video here


Casey in the Park

Casey Came up to do a Girls and Guns Photoshoot. We first went out to a local park to get acquainted with working with each other.