About Us

We are a couple. We are a girl and a boy. Both of us are each other’s Fuck Toys, Bondage Toys, Pleasure Toys.
This is about our adventures and our modeling and photography.

She has been modeling mostly glamour and fashion. She is also an actress.
He has been a photographer for many years and was also a BDSM model and performer.

We love to be photographed or video taped.
If you would like for us to model for you please contact us.
We also like doing shows etc. both public and private.
We love to be tightly bound and used for each other’s perverted pleasures.

What you will find here is our photographs and videos, primarily of us, but we also often put up some of our work with friends and adventures from the past.

It would be fun to find a Dominatrix to use us together for her twisted pleasures.

Our Relationship, Essentially we are monogamous with each other. We do “pose” with others for photographs and sometimes video, but that is the main extent of our involvement with others directly. (one exception to this is possible, See Dominatrix above.) We switch with each other. The Girl is Bisexual and the Boy is completely straight sexually. (although he does enjoy teasing both girls and boys). Our only interest in other boys is if they want to hire us for photographs or videos.

We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy your stay here. if you have any questions, comments, requests please contact us here


Our Fetlife Page is here

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