2013 Reboot

Here is to welcoming 2013.

2012 was a very trying year for me. There were a few wonderful events, but I have to say, for the most part, it was not so good.

I am looking forward to a new start and a lot of new adventures in 2013. It will be the year of fresh new beginnings for me. A start over.

Here is to new images, a new job, potentially a change of residence, a brave new world. I hope I can do my part to make the world a little better for everyone.


How to make a BondageToy Compliant

First, you get out the cattle prod…
It does wonders for making a BondageToy Compliant for the huge red strap-on



BondageToy Gets His Turn with Lucia

In this video, the tables are turned and BondageToy gets his turn to stuff things into Lucia


Anal Slut

Bondage Toy is quite the Anal Slut. Here he is bound in a rubber straightJacket and filled full with different toys. All the while he has been locked in chastity.


Big Red Strap-on

Lucia Fucks the Bondage Toy with the Big Red Strap-on


Here is a little preview:
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Bondage Toy has been locked up in chastity for ten weeks now. He is only allowed out of chastity if he is securely shackled and chained down.



Caelyx the Pet

I went to Vancouver last year and hung out with Caelyx for a bit.
we decided to do an impromptu Pet Shoot.