Rough Red Strapon with Orgasm Video

The Girl FuckToy Fucks the Boy FuckToy with the little red strapon. After fisting the boy, then experimenting with the big black strapon, the girl wanted her orgasm. so with the boy still chained down, she puts on the little red strapon and fucks the boy until she gets her orgasm. Then she fucks him some more.

Here is a little preview for you
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Big Black Strapon Video

The Girl FuckToy Fucks the Boy FuckToy with the big black Strapon. This was an experiment with a new strapon. We have to figure out how to mount the dildoe a little better but we figured you might like to see a little video of our first try with it. It measures 12′ insertable and is 11″ in circumference or 3.5″ in diameter.


FuckToys Fisting Orgasm Video

In this Video, The Girl FuckToy rides the Boy FuckToy’s face and he licks her to an orgasm while her fist is buried deep into his ass to her elbow.

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The Hotel Room

We checked in to a hotel on our visit to Portland. While I was setting up for a shoot, I chained the Girl FuckToy to the sink so I could use her when I wanted to.


Boy FuckToy Chained up out in the Yard

The Boy FuckToy is chained up out in the yard while Mistress goes shopping. He was chained up alone and helpless for over three hours



Strapon Orgasm

The Second Video from our Fisting and Fucking Session, in this episode, the Girl FuckToy has an orgasm while fucking the Boy FuckToy with a StrapOn


you can see the whole video here in the members’ section

Fuck Toy Fisting

The First video from our Latest Deep Fisting session. This segment shows the Girl FuckToy fisting the Boy FuckToy almost to her shoulder.


you can see the whole video here in the members’ section

Caelyx Chained up in the Yard

Caelyx came over to do a fetish photoshoot and ended up chained down out in the back yard



Deep Fisting

This is the FuckToy’s first Fisting video. Let them know what you think of it to encourage them to make more!

The FuckToy’s First time having Sex

When the FuckToys Met, their first time having sex with each other was videotaped in front of an audience for a private show.


you can see the whole video here in the members’ section


Reyja Meets Patrick

This shoot is the First time Reyja and I modeled together. Reyja ends up chained down in my basement wrapped in plastic wrap.


Mummy Bag

The Girl FuckToy gets locked into a lycra mummy bag, first she is tormented with a hitachi then electrostim plugs are inserted front and back and she is tethered to the bed before The Boy FuckToy uses her for his entertainment




Sabine and Kaya go to the Pike Place Market

Sabine and Kaya go out to the Pike Place Market in Seattle dressed in latex catsuits.


Sequence 01_18284

Domina Carmen Fucks the Bondage Toy

In this video Domina Carmen is dressed up in a black latex catsuit. She takes her turn fucking the bondage toy with the big red strapons

Carmen_Bondage-Toy_Strap-on chained down_21216


Secret Magazine

go to and order books and magazines from them. I am hoping that if they sell out of their back issues, they will publish more this year.

My particular favorites are Issue 25 which features my photography and issue 36 which has a biography of my modeling in it.


Cloud in my Basement

Cloud is a model I used to work with a lot. This is our last shoot together before she moved away.


Tegan Mohr at Bed Time

I introduced Tegan to Latex, and now she loves it. What better way to enjoy latex than chained down in a bed made up with latex sheets and covers for the night.


2013 Reboot

Here is to welcoming 2013.

2012 was a very trying year for me. There were a few wonderful events, but I have to say, for the most part, it was not so good.

I am looking forward to a new start and a lot of new adventures in 2013. It will be the year of fresh new beginnings for me. A start over.

Here is to new images, a new job, potentially a change of residence, a brave new world. I hope I can do my part to make the world a little better for everyone.


How to make a BondageToy Compliant

First, you get out the cattle prod…
It does wonders for making a BondageToy Compliant for the huge red strap-on



BondageToy Gets His Turn with Lucia

In this video, the tables are turned and BondageToy gets his turn to stuff things into Lucia


Anal Slut

Bondage Toy is quite the Anal Slut. Here he is bound in a rubber straightJacket and filled full with different toys. All the while he has been locked in chastity.


Big Red Strap-on

Lucia Fucks the Bondage Toy with the Big Red Strap-on


Here is a little preview:
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