I am putting up a new section called “Stories”.

This will be things I have written and good friends have written (with permission of course)

the first installment is “The Show”

“Wake up my pet, time to get you prepared”
I swing your cage around a bit to waken you. You are still tired from the session the night before and still dressed. You had decided you wanted to keep your outfit on overnight, see how and if you could sleep.
“Mmmffff” as you begin to stir.
“How was your night? Did you get enough sleep?”
“Mmmmm” as you slowly nod your head.
I unlock your cage and slide you out. It is hard for you to move, being all harnessed up and cuffed like that. I lay you down on the bed and detach your cuffs from your harness at the small of your back, and unlock the chains from your ankle cuffs holding your legs folded. I push my hand between your legs; I can feel the wetness around your leather chastity belt.
“It seems you did ok last night. Let’s get you opened up and washed up.”

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